Graveyard. [Deaths not being properly recorded]


I was wondering if anyone knows where to contact realmeye because i have a personal problem with my profile under the name Sonrol for some reason it. doesn’t show ANY of my deaths and I’ve been playing for over 7 years which is really odd. I also don’t wanna look like a hacker.


I don’t think there is any way to contact realmeye at the moment, but i could be wrong. There is a multitude of bugs on the site right now because of deca’s recent anti-botting changes. This prevents Mr. Eyeball from viewing all of your statistics.

If you die right now, does the death go into your graveyard? Or does it just dissapear entirely


The fact that you have dead account fame automatically disproves this

most will assume it is a bug, so dont worry about looking like a hacker. and its probably a bug, you could talk about it on the forums or ask people, like you are doing now.


alright, thanks :pray:t4: