GraveYard Doesn't Show Deaths


Tell me if i’m an idiot or not but how come my graveyard isn’t showing up my deaths?
i think i may have turned it off somewhere back then and now it doesnt show up on realmeye anywhere any clue?

Deaths not showing up on realmeye
RealmEye Graveyard is Missing a Character Death

If you see a dead character missing from your graveyard there should be a button saying this:
Click it and it should restore the missing characters.


If you can’t see your Graveyard page at all, it might mean you accidentally set it to “Visible by nobody”, so go to Settings and check the visibility settings for “Who can see my Graveyard?”, and change it to whatever you want.


Does it say ‘Kabam hasn’t migrated dead character info yet’? If so, here’s a topic regarding that particular problem:


yes i have the same exact issue


i already did and its not updating


already did and its not working


oh oops i just commented about your grave in two other threads, rip.

BTW welcome to forums @Kotoneo


Just wait a bit, it will eventually show up.




ive recently died on my ninja and knight and it hasnt showed up
nor has the grave of my 8/8 that got ent sat on showed up last year either


Lately I’ve noticed realmeye is really slow on registering characters deaths so just wait a few days


its not just that but it doesnt show up the death of my character about 1 year ago




I’ve noticed that sometimes backup characters don’t show up in the graveyard quite often (for me at least).


ive never really had any probs from realmeye, the grave is usually like a day late but that’s about it


Hmm, strange. I’ve personally had at least 4 8/8s that were backups that didn’t show up.


Well I died yesterday on my 8/8 assassin and I checked realmeye and it was in my graveyard so idk why you guys are having that problem


my last death was my 5/8 archer like 3 years ago and i’ve at least died like 8 6/8 characters and 1 8/8


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