Group of 3 Looking for Active Guild


Heyall, group of three players looking for an active guild to join.

My IGN is Zichron, my friends are Hiltopper and Winter. We are a couple of vet players who came back to a pretty much dead guild, and after playing as a trio for a bit we have decided to move on to another.

Looking for a guild that is:

English - US (West/South Server Prefered)

Personally, I am looking for a guild that is active in the realm and is willing to do either key-popped or realm dropped endgame dungeons (guild cult, guild mbc, maybe even guild void, guild nest/fungal). I am very intrested in low pop guild runs, even if they may or may not take more time to complete. Post IC/OOC, Sanctuary runs as well.

If any of this fits your guild, or if you have any question, please let us know! Currently our home server is USS3, and we are usually active throughout the day.


Adamant is always open, reqs are use discord and b nice

Check our realmeye guild page and join the discord to talk to us


PopEyes is all about doing end-game dungeons in small groups. Specially (03,nest,fungal,lh). Our only reqs are to join a guild runs weekly and join disc. We do guild o3 runs weekly. If you’re interested message me on realmeye.


Hello! The Senate is currently open to new members, but you gotta apply through our realmeye. If you’re not into that kind of stuff, that’s cool. We are a very active guild (5-10 average, with peaks of up to 20-25) that runs a TON of guild dungeons. We’ve done many fungals and guild voids. Soon, we hope to complete a guild o3. We’re also hosting a trios PPE contest at the start of MOTMG so if all 3 of you joined, you could form a group. Here’s a video of us doing a void:


When will you next be online, so we can chat more about PopEyes.

IGN: Zichron