Guarantee SB loot for rusher?


( ofc this idea applied to some dungeon like gland dungeon and epic dungeon like ddock only )

The first person to active the boss ( tend to be rusher ) when deal enough SB damage will guarantee a SB loot
( pots )

Guaranteed Rusher SB

It would be a nice reward for the rusher to get loot, but I don’t think it’s really necessary, and could be exploited


how would that work?


I can’t think of the way that it not gonna get exploited


When someone activates the cdepths boss before all the eggs are killed and they are guaranteed SB loot…



The way people rush is already an expllit essentially as it is because pets exist.




Soloes would be interesting


sb loot is not just pots lol

sb is a few hits for any enemy so I’m not sure what the point of this is


I know , i’m sure that i said “SB damage”




Why would any developer want to reward players for largely ignoring their hard work by rushing?


It’s an RNG game.

Rushing doesn’t give you a participation trophy or free handouts, just play the game you lazy fucks


Then where is my effort go if i get a mark after rush?


When I read this post I’m reminded of all the times I rush on a knight and leeching warriors tp on the last stretch and beat me to the boss.

Miss me with that :poop:.




Part and parcel of the game man :man_shrugging:


Your effort is put into an RNG roll, whatever you get is what you worked for /shrug


this really isnt needed and everyone rushes the dungeon anyways and it would make rogue trickster ninja and fast classes in general used much more just to steal loot.


The moment I saw this post I knew the poster would be warrior/rogue main, and I wasn’t wrong