Guarantee SB loot for rusher?


I know , i’m sure that i said “SB damage”




Why would any developer want to reward players for largely ignoring their hard work by rushing?


It’s an RNG game.

Rushing doesn’t give you a participation trophy or free handouts, just play the game you lazy fucks


Then where is my effort go if i get a mark after rush?


When I read this post I’m reminded of all the times I rush on a knight and leeching warriors tp on the last stretch and beat me to the boss.

Miss me with that :poop:.




Part and parcel of the game man :man_shrugging:


Your effort is put into an RNG roll, whatever you get is what you worked for /shrug


this really isnt needed and everyone rushes the dungeon anyways and it would make rogue trickster ninja and fast classes in general used much more just to steal loot.


The moment I saw this post I knew the poster would be warrior/rogue main, and I wasn’t wrong


did you just assume my main ? i’m sorc main


Most base fame on warrior and last seen on warrior ? :stuck_out_tongue:


My sorc is just 3 weeks old but my warrior is 1 year old ofc it gonna have more fame




the complaints of a player who believes they dont get enough SB…

its all rng, trust they system.


Lemme say a big NOPE.
Rusher already has the reward, they will fight vs many more bosses than the slow player who clears every room.
That is the reward for rushing. They get the thing done faster (as well as the fun/thrill/etc) so they over time will have much more loot naturally.

It will also result in every dungeon being like OT where 99% sit and wait for the rusher because if you can’t compete in the rush why bother even moving.

And the meta will also become:
people join as trickster or planerogue, teleport to the actual rusher 2 rooms before the boss, TP the rest of the way and get the credit where nothing is earned other than exploiting the system to thinking they “won” the race somehow.


Being able to get the chance of loot faster do to the dungeon being finished faster


Sounds op, but people complain too much about rushing a really hard dungeon, then getting 0, and it would shut them up, but what about the other people?


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