Guess my age


The Kanto Region Of Pokemon


No I mean we can only see what he says and how he presents himself to us.

that being very poorly and immature.

Edit: just realized you were referring to the gender and in that case.


Seems legit :joy::man_shrugging:t5:


@Shatter you managed to mess up, yet still get it right…

Double meaning? :face_with_monocle:


Probably not. See, I would say something, but shatters is gonna roast me


Shall I pick a country, so everyone knows what the right answer is? Admin powers: activate!


now i can re-use this dead meme i made a week ago


Why there is not poland?




Because he doesn’t live there.


A death one deserved?


f is for friends who do stuff together, u is for you and me, n is for anywhere and anytime at all, come down here in the deep big blue sea


Down here in the big blue sea*


So he live in Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, England, Germany, Italy, Finland, and Romany?


don’t forget other it’s my favourite country


wtf u said this in a DM for me as well


Lets see your mental age, show me a screenshot of your BrainAge results


I think I can accurately say that Shatter is this good ↓


I just realized, the cat in the pic is now actually 1


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