Guess the Weekend Chest Event Dungeon [Just for Fun, Prizes Ended]


Basically after a chest event ends I will call out the date of the next weekend chest event (or when I think it will happen) and you have to guess what dungeon it will be in (excluding oryx’s castle and wine cellar). If you win (and guess the correct dungeon/dungeons)I can give you a life pot if you want in-game.

To enter simply name the dungeon you think will be in the next weekend chest event.

Weekend Event Guesses

1/25/19 - 1/28/19

Start guessing :slight_smile:


Ocean Trench and/or Shaitan’s Lair


Gonna go with encore


A really shitty event that nobody actually wants to do but you do it anyways because everyone else is doing it and oh god the droprates are fucking terrible holy shit I’m addicted to chests events even though they’re unoriginal and overused because 99% of the realm community is doing it and you want a chance at those nonexistent white bag chances for some reason even though you have 9 other copies of FUCKING LEAF BOW OH GOD WHY DO I WANT MORE FUCKING LEAF BOWS PLEASE JUST GIVE ME A WAKI ITS BEEN 9 YEARS SINCE I LAST SAW MY KIDS PLEASE GOD GET ME OUT OF MY REALM ADDICTION

Probably some Godlands event tbh, Valentines is coming soon x)


Davy jones




@moderators can you make this game a player event as well as a forum game bc it has prizes.


100% udls no question


Mountain temple, possibly a clear for chest event.
I think OT will be later on in February.


one of the janus dungeons
(shait, encore, reef, thicket)


you can’t have a topic in two categories, so no.

forum games are more for things like “ask the person below you a question” or “steal the cookie from the person above you”, if you’re handing out prizes and there’s a definitive end to it it’s a player event.


I had a similar idea last week that it would be cool to run this kind of contest!.. but then as typical for my ideas it kinda spiralled out of hand, and I ended up imagining how a bookmaker might run it… :rofl:


Edit: don’t let this distract you from @Heteraabd’s event - this img is just my imagination…! If you want to win Heteraabd’s you gotta follow the rules in the OP.


1 life on UDL! Any takers?


Me! (do I win it if you get it wrong?)


Yeah(But if I get it right, you give me 4L)


wait so if primegrind wins do i give it to fluffegan?


choose 1


Leme restate rules:

You guess ONE dungeon and you cant guess a dungeon some1 else has picked.

so far entries are:

PrimeGrind - udl
kittie - mt
mynamerr-davy jones
campfires - encore


A Nest event tied in with the Beework.
please I just want my balanced bees