Guess the Weekend Chest Event Dungeon [Just for Fun, Prizes Ended]


this isnt a event its a shitmarkevent


I was thinking about a chest event, when I sent the email.
But can’t complain.


Ayy I was right


Sews event for the win


DEFinitely sews event. nope not possible gland events are hella rare


Haha, haha, you said def…





Oh no. Oh no. I never spent 2500 gold in one, but… oh no.

2nd Edit: Maybe they might be preparing us for new nexus changes! Maybe the bazzar will become a dungeon room or something with reqs for players. Maybe they will create two new npcs: one that sells dyes and cloths; the other that sells skins and pet skins.
Maybe the long awaited day has become: they might remove eventually oryx tops from nexus! Just Imagine!


Yeah cem my fav dungeon


cem event tmr = mundane knight lets go


Resu on a mundane character is bae


5/3 - 5/6 start


udl and something


sewers and tomb(or OT)


LH and abyss


There hasn’t been a tomb one in a little bit

I’m guessing either tomb and some other dungeon or Theater and Encore.


No shatain


Epic UDL and Tombs.


Tomb and abyss