Guess the Weekend Chest Event Dungeon [Just for Fun, Prizes Ended]


cnidarian reef


Awww, I wanted to guess MT.

Guess I need to guess a different dungeon. Shatters.


Pirate Cave Event




Chest will be in at least 2 dungeons, one of which will be Abyss.


LoD; It has to come at some point.


well im going to be doing it weekly soooooo


honestly I hope shaitans


So I’m right? Right? Right? @Fluffegan boi you owe me 4L.

Red Goodie Bag

I was talking about a chest event -.-


I think the implication is that there will be event chests running in ALL those seven dungeons… I guess we’ll know in a few hours.

Edit: looks like not, there’ll seemingly be NO chest event this weekend. :smile: So the guessing event continues!


bet there wont be a sprite chest event


Encore and/or Shaitan


read rules and thoes dungeons have already beeen chosen pick something different.


Is this player event still live? I pick Lost Halls. @Heteraabd


yes it is still live


plus it refreshes every week


Wishful think for mt

I would very much like a fallen


guesses move to next week cuz we got no chest event :frowning:


thats a good thing tbh

chest events bad, token and in realm events good imo

discourages uss leeching