Guess the Weekend Chest Event Dungeon [Just for Fun, Prizes Ended]


btw i knew this weeks event was gonna be davy – just look at the dungeons they havent done in 3 months


Mountain temple


choose 1


choose different one fluffegan chose ot before u




lod and mt in a couple hours bet my life




i swear if thats the case, that would be epic


You hacked into the Realm database, didn’t you Niegil? :)


OK so so far the entries are:
Prime Grind : LOD
@Haxings : ddocks (tell me if u wana change to shaits)
Wilhuff : ENCORE
SaknisJr : mwoods
Mynamerr : mt


also a realm event but that could be rock dragon/statues only like those golden gods that one wlab/cdepth event




lucky guess


Reported for hacking the database


yeah, guess


@PrimeGrind and @Mynamerr err WINNNNN so email me my email is i will send u mules with 1 life each


uh are you sure you wanna put your email out publically




are you jesus?


Lol did you edit post after it came out? @Niegil