Guess the Weekend Chest Event Dungeon [Just for Fun, Prizes Ended]



LH bet my life


if u do mch with me or pub i give lotsa life pots after i max prieieieiiest


tomb tomb tomb tomb
this weekend will be tomb



it’ll be a shatters/cdepths


Monthly pack has tomb keys
They just released a tomb key box


oopsie xd


Still guessing Encore


Tomb of the ancients


both puppets


Nest with Beework or I’ll implode



Reddit, YUK. Try: Carnival Weekend Events! [Mar 1st to Mar 5th]


ok so wilhuff and niegill win


beework when you twelve centimeter ironic cephalopod

The largest sads haveth return to me :c
But at least I get rewarded for farming for TShot/DireI :3


@Heteraabd Where’s my reward?


ummmm im not home yet expect it about in like4hrs
im still in school like r u like desperate


No, I can wait. Take your time.

@Heteraabd When will you be available?


aaaa shit i gave all my life to @Fluffegan and as it turns out he is not poor gimme a sec I will givve the 3 life later today after i come from school i will go do some cults/voids


shatters and ddocks