Guide: If Deca Support isn't receiving your responses


Note this is for if Support isn’t receiving your emails at all ,such as “if we hear no response from you we’ll close the ticket” even though you’ve certainly replied. This is not for if they are taking a long time to respond; that’s normal and cannot be helped.

If anyone needs help with a issue of Deca Support not receiving your emails, here’s what worked for me:

  1. Sign in with the email you gave during ticket creation.
    You won’t have a valid password if this is the first time; so click the “Forgot my password” box and
    follow the instructions to receive a password. If you have submitted a ticket before you have a account,
    just without a password tied to it.

  2. Once signed in, follow this link to bring you to your support Dashboard.
    Or, click the ticket number in a deca email for the same result.
    Here, you will find tickets of all types; present and past.

  3. Find the ticket that isn’t working with your email provider.
    Or, click the ticket number in a deca email for the same result.

  4. Once on the page of the correct ticket, you will see your respones and deca’s responses.
    If your ticket is still marked as “OPEN” in green, there will be a field in which you can type a response. Type it, and send it.
    If it is marked as “CLOSED” in red, they have closed your ticket; create a new ticket as you can only follow up to a closed ticket; not reply.

  5. You’re done! Repeat as needed.


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