Guide to be big oryx 3 [How to make ST set skins big]


Are you sad and depressed? Well we got a cure! We now got the fgt 2000 that can help cure depression and make your life BETTER!!!
Follow these steps to become from this

To this

This is how you be cool,

  1. Get Full ST set, (oryx mainly)
  2. Get milk, drops from fame box and event chest.
  3. Wait 30 secs after use, don’t use it again or it wont work!
  4. big af and be cool :dark_sunglasses:
    Hope this helped!
  • Bad trash guide…

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deca don’t patch this plz, best glitch in the game.


Well you probably wondering, can other people see me big? WELL, OF COURSE THEY CAN! Show all of them that you are a god!


If you’d kindly “lend” me your Oryx Set I could try it :grin:


Must be intentional on Deca’s part since the eye-color changes too.


this is without eye color.


Oh, why were they red?


cuz I was attacking, the eyes turn red whenever I attack.











This is the best guide I have ever witnessed, in or outside of rotmg.


this is the best guide ever created in the history of rotmg you mean. :slight_smile:


oh no, deca plz no


wowwza, every thinks I was admin/hacker/god :confused:




I am in USSouth, if you want to ask me questions. Go ahead :slight_smile:


also hot fix wasn’t gonna patch the bug, its up and running :slight_smile: :dark_sunglasses:


I have made my way to reddit
O3 confirmed


Haha! congrats on becoming semi-famous. now you just have to pretend your an admin and you could probably scam people senseless XD (don’t though)