Guide to getting under 50% transparency


Registry still stores your email/password in plain text, so you probably shouldn’t share images of it. Also don’t mess with any other setting, registry is pretty powerful and can screw up many things.

You also need to restart to have the effects be applied.

  1. Press windows + r and open regedit.exe

  2. Go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DECA Live Operations GmbH\RotMGExalt

  3. Modify transparencyValue_h[numbers here]

  4. The only numbers you need to change are these (this is what it looks like for 50%).

Some common values

  • 25%: 39 40

  • 20%: 34 40

  • 15%: 2e 40

  • 10%: 24 40

  • 5%: 14 40

If you want to figure out others you’ll have to figure out

And if you’re wondering about the ToS of this, Deca Support themselves have given fixes for Exalt bugs using Regedit. It’s fair game until (and if) they say otherwise.

now with deca’s stance:

got some info on this from /u/Azebu and /u/Deivixo


in case you missed it and/or saw what happened to the last time this thread popped up, check out that last link in niegil’s guide because deca says they’re not going to ban anyone for messing with it. so if they’re okay with it I’m not going to fight anyone over whether or not it counts as “hacking”.

also obligatory warning that blindly messing with regedit without knowing what you’re doing can seriously seriously mess up your computer. proceed with caution.




Hexa decimal hm…


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