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I can completly agree about this part, I even worked myself on drop recording project, and I can say that everytime I tried going through all of them, they we’re drastically changing. (Void example for white bag: 3% -> 3.80% -> 3.30% -> 4.20%).
Even tho I somewhat can say that those MIGHT be a little bit accurate, I never can say that they are actually accurate until I will get insane amount of samples, (5k-10k…) which still won’t be 100% confidence for it being this.


True, I really think there is no point in doing drop recording projects (besides your own enjoyment of doing it and being curious about it), because at the end of the day, it’s still pretty much all about RNG.
Even if the droprates you’ll get with your drop recording projects are somewhat accurate and close to the reality, there is gonna be a lot of players that are way below the “norms” of droprates, and also a lot of players that are way above them.
It’s just all luck and RNG tbh.


lmao like how you dropped that in there


But what are they gonna do about the near-useless Loot Tier Potion?


WC, Quest Chests and Shatters still get use out of it, but considering the effect isn’t even guaranteed, they’re nigh on useless. (funnily enough, a large portion of the playerbase is unaware of this and use clovers isntead of the superior… er… whatever the other one is)


Yeah, it’s only useful for places that drop a range of tiered items, which isn’t a lot of the popular end-game dungeons. It’s really only useful for that one character that does nothing but open chests


Ahaha, yes I have a dedicated char with a golden lucky clover on it to open quest chests for a while. It does wonders.


Why not just use regular clover?


(The existence of a time gap between a lot of people on the firings has become very apparent lately…)

It’s partly because I didn’t have a better use for the few golden clovers I had. Plenty of normal clovers, because I don’t even use those often. The golden clover had a misleading description in game for me back then, and I hadn’t bothered to do research to see its comparison to the normal clovers, which turned out to be a mere timer boost.
Ah well, despite the old mistake, it’ll be easy enough to utilize it properly in dungeons during an event I care about or something.


Or maybe they just have a shit ton of clovers on hand.


Time gap? I suppose, when I wake up I check my notifications and send off a few replies. I also forum when I’m in bed (:.


Lol, I have more than I know what to do with. I only use them for specific loot hunts on occasion, or to go easily farming pots in the glands if I need those fast. Considering I killed 2 of my 8/8’s for stupid reasons, that may not be a bad idea now…


Only because clovers were the historically more sought after item, to the point where clovers have become the norm in dailies and free packs.


Aha, yes. I’ve only done that a couple times when I was suffering from a minor bout of insomnia. Nonetheless, my statement applied because of what I notice with most other people on the forums beyond just yourself. Although, their probably mostly ask staying up late too; I seen so many people about to being up typing in the wee hours of the morning.


i feel ya


While in practice this is correct that Loot Tier Potion will never allow you something above T12/T6/T13/T6 due to how things are setup. Lost Halls tops are now treated just like any other tiered items ever since we removed WC tops from the dungeon. Since there’s no other tiered items in the loot table a Loot Tier doesn’t have any effectiveness there still. The same is true for O3 none of the drop tables there feature two tiers at once.


Wait a sec, you forgot the epic quest chests. All but shatters chest drop both WC and LH tops. How about their drop tables? Does this mean loot tier potion Is Useful Actually?


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