Guide to rushing halls on trickster?


I’ve been wanting to rush lost halls recently, on a trickster as a lot of people have said it’s easier than rogue, but I’m not really sure how to start.
I’ve done it on some 0/8 tricksters but I can’t get past 4 or 5 rooms.
I understand this is partly due to the fact I’m in unmaxed, but I just really strugge getting past golem and oryx rooms.
Anyone have any tips or guides for rushing halls?


Learn what enemies do what and what enemies can quiet, petrify, and paralyze you, avoid those enemies at all costs.

Just keep trying and you’ll get better at it.

A tip I’ve seen from a ton of official LH rushers is to wait for the next public testing and make tricksters/rogues to rush them on, keep doing that on testing until you get good at it, as it will give you unlimited LHs and unlimited maxed chars.


Yeah I did that with rogue when they redid cultist and I mastered soloing and rushing cultists on rogue really well, but then my rogue died (to O2; i got anti rogued) in prod so I don’t rush cultists or solo them anymore.


Don’t die.


400 IQ best tip


Better tip, don’t forget to press w


just press spacebar a lot ez win


You can play RoTMG completely without the W key


I think we know why you can’t get past 4 or 5 room buddy.
Personally I can’t rush lost hall myself, heck I even have a hard time clearing them so I don’t have any advice, you’re welcome for nothing.


Ok then, rush a lhs without the w key on a trickster. See how easy it is. You’ll run out of magic pots eventually.


I never said that it would be easy, I just said it’s theoretically possible


I suppose I should have phrased it as “Don’t forget to move” but even then I guess thats theoretically possible, you would just have to be the luckiest person ever to only have oryx rooms since only marios chase you, which isnt a problem with decoys. Also a crusade just means you are like, totally fucked. Actually how would that work?


double teleports are a thing, no?
(As in you group up the crusaders, send a decoy in the opposite way u want to go, and then immediately TP past them)


But you cant move… so


Practice, practice, practice!
Remember to not tp on top of enemies, and don’t forget to KEEP MOVING!

  • Try rushing on rogue before on trickster, as the one teleport from planewalker every six seconds forces you to learn how to maximize its potential. You will feel overpowered once you make the transition.
  • You need a high pet mheal level for the most prism uses as possible. I have a 90 mheal pet but still equip harlequin and sourcestone on trickster so I can spam teleports, for reference.
  • Also, as trickster can’t cloak unlike rogue, you’ll find yourself dragging an insane amount of bats from slime rooms. Because of this, an electric pet can be a lifesaver, and a decoy pet can be fatal by causing more enemies to follow you.
  • Be very aware of where you teleport; it’s easy to accidently tp on top of an oryx minion, for example.
  • Don’t carry around rare prisms if it’s your first time, but Brain/Dancing Swords are excellent for losing crusades/spooky/petrify flames. Dire Instability is godly for killing bats in a moderately hp-scaled halls. Don’t use Ghostly in small halls, as it does enough damage to cause oryx minions to follow you.
  • Try to check where the path continues in a room before doing anything; if two rooms are at a 90 degree angle to each other |_ you can just tp between the hallways and avoid enemies with camera extend.
  • Tp’ing over walls is your best friend.
  • Like rogue, avoid grotto rats. Try to avoid golem rooms.
  • Try to keep crusades in their original rooms incase you need to turn back (so you don’t tp into, say, an oryx room with a crus in the center). To do this, once you pass a crusade, send a decoy to the center/side of the room before moving on. If you don’t and are using a tiered prism to rush, the decoy goes in the direction you’re moving and ends up in the next room that the crusade will follow.

That’s all that I could think of at the top of my head, I’ll lyk if anything else comes to me. I’ve been trickster rushing halls for a long time now and if you’ve done pub/lost boys chances are you’ve seen me rush before.


Ty! That’s a lot of advice, and I’ll try out what you’ve said, my pet isn’t that good but hopefully I’ll get there soon enough. Have seen you rushing pub never seen you in lost boys, really appreciate it


My advice would be don’t rush LH as there’s little incentive to do so, especially at your level. It’s risky, you don’t get fame, and unless you’re doing a cult run the time saved is marginal with a competent leader.

I know you could be doing it for fun but then I would go with @HorusKane’s advice and try it out the next time public testing is on because a) you get free characters and b) they’re actually maxed which will make the rushing process much easier.

That being said I’ll give a few pointers from my limited rushing experience on testing, keeping in mind a trickster perspective.

  • Worst room is either golem or oryx. Best is crusade when you learn how to quickly tp away from shots and decoy it.

  • Back to back golem or oryx expect to use hp pots. For golems, try to lure the big boi to one side of the room by hugging the side of a wall. This reduces the number of instapopping threats where you want to tp to. Red boys and sad bois (light blue) can insta you so make sure you’re tping to a spot decently far from them. Petrified are less big of a deal on trickster because you can tp.

  • Sticking to the walls and tping to corners (or hallways like cyclex said) for oryx room is a good strategy to not get popped by minions. Dodge the shots from the commander dude especially with a lower pet or you’ll enter the next room with low hp, never good.

  • Slime rooms are great for regening but make sure you keep keep moving or the bats will get to you.


Uhh… It’s called not using WASD for movement, lmfao.


Yeah, but it would all depend on the layout of the dungeon. Also luck with decoys as you can’t move to send them in the right direction.