Guild Changes and Updates (Data Issues) [My Guild on RealmEye]


I recently contacted DECA support to make changes to an old guild (Assign Founder and Name Change) and the process was successful, but there was a problem seeing the Guild page in realmeye with a new name: This shows the statistics of a Guild that belonged to me before (which had the same name, but I disintegrated it to recover the previous one and assign that name I wanted) instead of the original ones, which were from the guild to which I was assigned founder.

Then I will write the steps that were performed:

  1. I created the “Euphoria” Guild, it lasted a while and then I disintegrated it and left it.
  2. Enter my old Guild called “ElPrincipioDelFin PF” and changes were made to give me Founder and change the name to “Euphoria”
  3. The data belonging to the first “Euphoria” replaced the data of the new “Euphoria” (Formerly “The Beginning of the PF”)

Is it possible to place the data belonging to the original Guild?



I’m gonna be completely honest. I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  1. Realmeye says that your current guild name is Euforia and not Euphoria. Are you sure your current guild is called Euphoria?
  1. What are you trying to say. From what I can tell, you said that the original Euphoria guild is shown on realmeye instead of the guild you’re currently in. But, right after that, you’re asking for the original guild to be shown rather than the one you’re in? (This is confusing. I’m basically trying to say that you’re contradicting yourself.)

3. Why do you keep saying disintegrate. This isn’t infinity war.
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Sorry, im trying, im traslating using google traductor.

The name of the guild is “Euforia” in spanish, but the traductor change it.

In short words, the guild euforia have wrong information.

im going to insert a image of the guild, then compare with stats in realmeye and you going to understand what im trying to say.


And this is me Guild History

(Full History here:


Remember that in the date from 2019-10-05 to 2019-10-09 DECA made the change of Leader to Founder and change the name “ElPrincipioDelFin PF” to “Euforia”


Oh I see what you mean.
For some reason, the guild ElPrincipioDelFin PF still exists on realmeye but it’s supposed to be Euforia.
I have absolutely no idea how to fix this.
Although I think I know why this may have happened. When you log on, a bot will update your profile if something is different from the last time you came on. So, all those people in ElPrincipioDelFin PF most likely aren’t in the guild. But, since they haven’t been on since they were kicked, the bots don’t actually know that they were kicked (because they cant update the player’s profile due to it only updating when a player logs on.) So, it still shows that ElPrincipioDelFin PF still exists. As for TCEmmanuel not being in your guild, it’s most likely because you haven’t logged onto that account in a while.

TL;DR I don’t think there is any way to link the data from ElPrincipioDelFin PF to Euforia because realmeye thinks that Euforia is a new guild and ElPrincipioDelFin PF still exists. If you want your TCEmmanuel account to show up on Euforia’s realmeye, then just log onto that account and go into the nexus. That should update that.


Well, i think i have nothing to do to fix it, but thank you a lot for answer me!

If you know something that help me, please tell me.

Atte: Etcmatc


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