Guild for doing Harder Dungeons in Small Groups


PopEyes is recruiting!

This guild is targeting players who are sick and tired of discord runs and enjoy playing Content in the realm.
We enjoy playing the hardest content in the game in small groups and actually learning how to do beat them without standing in a group of 80 people with puris and mseals. If this sounds like your cup of tea we want you on board.
We do guild o3 runs weekly and do nest/fungal/lh runs all the time. If you’re interested in running or learning how to run this content, this may be a good guild for you.

* Interested in Running o3, LH, Fungals, Nests, Shatters in small groups(if you don’t know, you can learn, we are more than willing to guide you if you are in doubt.)

* Interested in Realm Clearing from time to time

* Not Interested in Fame Farmers or Discord Grinders

Just to make it very clear, this guild is not for “flexing” or competiting for pointless statistics like fame. The primary purpose of this guild is to run the hardest dungeons in the game in small group setting and experience the game for yourself. We are not interested in little kids who down talk newer players(aka shut up red star) We take this extremely seriously.

* Join the Guild Discord

* Participate weekly in a guild run.

PM Gsimon on Realmeye if interested.