Guild issues [in a guild with cheater]


Uh oh.


One of my guildies uploaded this image which has led me to think I may be in a guild with a hacker/hackers. I don’t want to be banned but I don’t have access to a computer so I can’t renounce. Help :frowning:


Typically bans on the grounds of cheating are individual, so I would say you getting banned just for being in the same guild as a cheater is very unlikely.


This was posted on the guild discord, discussion went from ‘nice white bag’ to back to normal discussion. The guild is FINE with the obvious hacking, that’s why I’m worried.


People get banned for cheating, not for having an opinion on cheating.

Staying in a guild that condones cheating is damaging for your reputation and can cause you problems with the community, but not with Deca.


Ok, thanks though, I was seriously worried about getting banned


That’s gotta suck ):


wew @KingBobJoe left your guild quick


dank no side shadow, bigger white bag, and some fancy new icons


You probably won’t get banned. Deca doesn’t ban a whole guild because of a few hackers. However, if you feel uncomfortable being around hackers, just leave.


The only time Deca banned an entire guild was Jew Elimination. No crasher guild, hacker guild etc. has ever been banned because well, it’s hard to prove the entire guild does it. Maybe I joined some hacker guild unknowingly, and I don’t hack so it’s hard justifying my ban. While controversial, at least for Jew Elimination you could argue “every member knew the implications of the guild name” when they joined the guild but that’s aside the point.


Because the name was fucking Jew Elimination.

It’s anti-semitic as fuck and people could see the name of the guild when they joined.

Well deserved.


wow that is one PHAT white bag


Why are those noob hackers even uploading screenshots like that? Are they really that dumb? lol


I mean, the entire guild doesn’t care, and its a private discord server.


lol thanks for exposing me :stuck_out_tongue: @Orsome
got hacked today so idc anyways


too lazy to go into screenshot mode so i guess its my fault ;(


Watanub altherzoc > everyone else


I censored your name out on the screenshot. Were you using that client that hacked everyone using it?


its pretty obvious because im the only one in the guild with a bee helm


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