Hacked Clients and Trading


Just got scammed off 7 life at the nexus, I wouldn’t say scammed because when we were trading it never showed up to me that he ever dis-selected the specific item i was trading for, but the trade went across anyway. No, i wasn’t lagging or anything. How to detect if the person is using a hacked client or not? and how do you even prevent this?


I’ve never heard of this one. Did he (assuming gender) whisper a giant wall of text to you in chat right before you accepted the trade?


Don’t merch


This happened to me once but it was only 7 def
I said to myself I wont fall with the wall of text bait but I did

I think there may be a program where you can deselect something very quickly, just maybe
Everytime Im in USW2 buying something, I would get traded by a 5 star with a Deca ring in their inv
I never accept their offer because Im afraid they are using that quick trade scam


Not a chance. I know of that too but never fell for it.


Shouldn’t the devs do anything about this? I can’t trust no one anymore tbh. And nope, never fell for the wall of text. Salty af about those 7L tho.


Always make them accept the trade first


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Yes I am afraid the hacked client is still active
Being approached by a light blue star and randomly get offerd a deca for what 5 life?
Its really sketchy and I never accept their offer.
They are able to see your inventory, its very tempting but its not worth it.


I don’t think you understood OB’s response.

He’s saying if you get scammed, you are either (i) using a hacked client or (ii) inattentive.

Legitimate players should have nothing to worry about (even trading with hackers) because they have a safety timer to prevent insta-deselects from going through. Only lack of attention and perhaps intense lag would impair this mechanism.


i rather buy stuff for 7 life then buying stuff for 5 life.

super obvious its a quick trade program.

i mean who sells deca for 1 life?


oh i see.


jUsT UsE rEaLmTrAdEs


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