Hacked most likely due to [Pserver name redacted]


Everything I have is gone. I just got back on today my email is uncompromised but everything I have is gone and my 5/8 warrior and wizard were deleted. I think this is because of a rotmg private server I may have signed up for using the same username/password. Im fcking pissed. They even got rid of some UT’s like absolute cnts


Sorry about what happened but I don’t think deca can do anything about it. Also, talking about any server not affiliated with deca is not allowed here. You can try to send a support ticket here if you want https://decagames.desk.com/customer/portal/emails/new


Not to sound unsympathetic, but that was a pretty stupid move.


I think this might be the one time mentioning a pserv by name would be allowed. This isn’t exactly great publicity for them.

Try not to do that in the future when you register on other websites, especially if you’re going to post embarrassing and/or personal things about yourself.


Private server? And they jacked your login info? Who would have guessed it…


Lesson learned, and a good warning for others. Sorry you got screwed.

If you’re sure your lost characters are deleted, not dead and in your (in-game) grave yard, then Deca can undelete them for you.


That was not smart at all to do.
That was your fault


I agree with everyone else here - really dumb move but you know that so learn something and move on.

Have a master password you NEVER use anywhere, use a different password for each web site and store those passwords encrypted using the master in case you forget them and need to look them up.


I’d auto-taken it out of the thread title before seeing your reply, but I stand by it as I think they don’t deserve any free promotion regardless. Canny users would just choose a different username/password, and the pserver would still benefit from having its name becoming more widely known, via here, which I think we should deny to them.


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