Hacker hacked my account


Hello Deca Games any hacked my account 1 mounth ago . this hacker remove my pet rare penguin lvls 70-70 heal mheal (decoy is locked ) and he drop my ogmur and my fulmi and kill my warrior . deca please give my warrior , pet and ogmur . ING : TheFastBG ( I apologize that I write so late ) Please help me . Sorry for my broken english .


Sorry to break it to you bud, but I am almost 100% sure that Deca won’t bring it back. It’s just part of the game, try not to download suspicious software from friends or realm players, make a hard password. Goodluck


give my pet please i am not hacker


Samiha hacked my acc he hacked my skype he live in sofia bulgaria and i live in sofia


I think DECA can give you your pet back. At least kabam did.


I know about suspicious software never pull, pull my friend anameffs ( he play client ) and took his items


how time i wait for reply from deca games?


i have same problem Blsphemus hacked my account deleted my chars and took all my items
and he deleted my legendry pet if u can help me deca to back my deleted chars and give me my legendry ill thank you r.i.p my tablet this guy is son of a bitch white star hacked my account


@moderators I think these people actually require help, maybe place this thread in game discussion section and help them with account support? @Doc


Deca does not own this forum. It is owned by volunteer players. Go here to ask Deca for help: How to contact Deca Games Support