HappyPizza is recruiting!


Happy Pizza

Chill guild
and happy!


  • Be happy
  • Having discord is necessary and welcomed to be active on there aswell
  • English is only Language that we are using in discord and guild chat
  • Skills: Lost Halls and o3, not needed but we run those from time to time
  • No cheaters
  • Main server: EUE
  • Be active
  • Casual and Hardcore players are welcome to join us(u can play as u want as long u login every day if u can)

How to apply:
Just message PAlNKILLER or Rileli in-game or via Discord: Krx#4954, XxXPAINKILLERXxX#0156 (Or if u are on RoTMG official discord then just DM us through it)


i’m not happy, how do i do?


i think i have sad news to break to you then


We are still here,
If anyone interested to join us, msg me or Rileli on Discord and in game or here(however we are looking here from time to time).


bumping and still recruting.


hehe hello there


Bumps up


Bumps up


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