Hardest dungeon you have ever soloed


Title explains it, for me it is probably Davy Jones Locker or one time I soloed a reef. It took a lot of time and i almost nexused like 3 times.


actually encore ig


Hmm. For me, this is tricky because I can’t think of any one dungeon I’ve soled that was harder than another. For me, it’s more of the little things in each dungeon that make it uniquely difficult compared to another. Like the painlings in parasite, or the small colored demons in cult that can sometimes overwhelm me if I don’t kill em fast enough, or the two puppets in encore that do bleed and confuse. Or when people leave pyyr until last and then leave so he has the other 3 dragons abilities. You get the idea. But if I really HAD to place one as the hardest for me, I’d say probably thiccet. I can solo the first boss easy, but the second always gives me trouble and subsequently I usually can’t make it to third. And no, I’ve never finished third.


Ocean Trench for me. Dungeon itself is very easy, but I soloed thinking it was the same as years ago, but man they revamped the boss fight a lot. Staying in the room without cowering back to the entrance is a great challenge.


I’m a wimp, but take your pick between O2 and LoD.


Encore is actually surprisingly hard to solo. Once I was farming for tshot, so I soloed Janus and the went into the encore and nearly soloed it, had to nexus in the final phase once all puppets are killed. I was pretty mad lol


I’ve soloed an encore 3 times. Focus on dodging the green shots more that just about anything else. That’s what keeps me alive in a pinch, although dodging the other shots when able as I’m slipping through the green waves.


MT or Chambers


Lost halls MBC


A great challenge indeed, in my opinion due to the pet stasis. I don’t mean to sound like a pet cuck, because I’m not, but not having heal in there makes it really hard to do it without having to go back out. That, and the occasional time when I get armor broken and almost die from the coral bomb LoL.


I know people pull stunts like that, and I know I’m an average player every time I hear it mentioned. Hence “wimp.” : P


I watched candy shi solo oryx 3… I’m a ways off that lol I die to celestial every time


I’ve… I’ve yet to even take a step into an O3. Or a CC. Or a Cult… ;.;

(Although that last one is a result of me not running many LH; I’ve heard it’s not a hard dungeon.)


Cult’s easy, you’ll be fine.

if i can do one, then anyone can


Nest. Actually not as hard with a slow (trap) and knowledge of the phases, though non hp scaled Soldier Bees with a tiered bow is cancer


You soloed a nest? DANG. I never do them in groups under 20 ppl lol


Honestly same, but then duoed it in a realm one one day and was like “this ain’t too bad”. Of course, I definitely couldn’t do it as a non slowing class lol.


Dang, I wanted to learn how to solo MBC before even raiding LH with groups.


hmm thats tough. i soloed shaiatns shatters nest thicket and cult. nest wasnt too bad with a lvl18 dragontamer st set warrior(i died 2 hours later to lag in a fskip void). i feel like shaitans is one of the worst with the debuffs and lack of places to hide


Nest on archer with paralyzing quiver (lol). Took 3 tries. First attempted failed hard; 2nd attempt I pushed the queen to her dying phase, heavily underestimated the strength of the beehemoths and had to nexus. 3rd attempt, I won.