Hardest dungeon you have ever soloed


The hardest dungeon for me is probably going to be the nest because if you get hit by one paralyze shot, you are done for. Cult is rly ez on trix and if u clear it gives you so much fame. MBC and void are ez enuf once you know how to control the big bois and once you know the patterns and what debuffs to dodge. Fungal and crystal are the easiest high level dungeon as rushing on rogue makes the dungeon a cakewalk. Shatts is super ez if you know how use trickster properly. the hardest dungeon other than these 6 is probably ot because of the horses paralyzing you.


On the most recent PT, I soloed Dammah/Beisa/Leucoryx (couldnt do gemsbok). On live servers, the hardest would probably be between fungal/crystal, Thicket, and Shaitans.


I don’t think my solo achievements count for much, but I did duo a cult on a 2/8 archer once. Props to the other guy for sticking around.


I’ve done plenty of solo nests, shaitans and few caverns, cult only on testing. I think the ones I’ve never soloed are shatters, mbc and bella, I think I could do the latter two with maybe a few attempts, but I would need a lot more practice for shatters.

I would say the kbq is a bit harder than shaitan, as you’ll usually have to nexus if make a mistake, whereas in shaitans you usually just drop to 300-400 hp from which you can recover.


Solo shaitan on priest was terrifying.


did you just call solo void easy? The dungeon that’s only ever been soloed once?


Nest is probably the hardest full solo I’ve done. Otherwise if you just count bosses then dammah, and also soloed O3 to exalted on a priest which took like 30 minutes because dps was so bad and then I gave up because I didn’t want to spend another few hours there.

Soloed void on testing too.


I’ve soloed a tomb before. It was as an assassin so whenever i got scared i threw some poisons instead. (mainly on the rage phases) Other notable solos ive done are the reef and LoD, but the tomb was harder.


Wait youcan solo voids now? I thought you could never have enough dps?


Apparently just needed more effusions .-. Mizumi is still the only legit void solo to date, though I imagine new O3 items will definitely make it easier.


I’d actually put Shaitan’s above Nest for me, purely because I just know Nest well enough that I can do them with relatively little trouble. Shaitan’s, on the other hand, I absolutely despise.
Perhaps the various Fungals as well, or maybe Dammah (albeit only on testing…).
I did attempt an O3 solo on testing, but I failed at like 120k HP left (using Priest, Lumiaire only - I’d’ve probably done better had I a cwand or somefin as well).


This is going to be really hard if you want to do it, I’d say you would have a much better time learning to do it in a large group then try to solo it.


The hardest dungeon I’ve soloed was Crystal Caverns. It’s actually not too bad as I took the clearing part slow. The annoying thing is the boss can be easy or hard based on rng. Of course I got the fish and the angry monster chase lol.


I’ve found crystal caverns to be alright if solo’d by a paladin. The fungal boss gives me more grief that the entirety of the second dungeon.


Like the others are saying, once you learn cult, it’s not NEARLY as difficult as it seems. Or as the halls themselves for that matter.


It’s not that I think the cult will be hard or anything, it’s just that I’m almost always in a crowd of 10 - solo when doing LH, and the process of entering the cult takes a long time, usually because nobody else wants to do one, then I run out of time to play the game. Assuming I even find a LH to begin with.


Ahh, ok. I know that struggle as well. Many times I’ve been in the exact same position. It’s rather discouraging, no?


‘Tis the life of a pub runner. I’ll take that struggle and savor those dungeons as rare finds/opportunities over having constant ready access all the time. It’s nice to have something to look forward to, right?

Also, on the note of soloing per this thread, I discovered that the game had decided to un-equip my pet (and took a hard reset to re-equip… why don’t you like me, Sirius??? ;.;), and I didn’t realize it until part way through a solo OT. Thessal is not as hard as I thought she would be petless! I wonder how I would’ve fared before her rework.


I’d say Fungal.

The outcome of the bossfight is reliant on your positioning, resulting in slightly different experiences every encounter. Because I can’t memorise the exact place were projectiles will land, I have to rely on reaction more, although I’m slow at that.

I could say Shaitans or Nest but I can memorise exactly how the fight will function each encounter.


Nest / Mineshaft (fungal + ccavern). I enjoy mineshaft soloing a lot more.

But I’m using an almost maxed legendary pet, so still not the most impressive.