Has there been any fame boxes recently worth purchasing?


I’m wondering whether to save up my fame


There will probably be one for Christmas (haven’t been on in a while so there might already be one), so prepare for that.


The Halloween one was decent, gave a maxing stat candy for 300 fame. Hopefully that means the xmas one will be good too


Did any give vault or char slots or good ut stuff


Besides that one St Patricks day box where it had some vanities, no


Your best chances at getting those items for free are probably from the daily login or hoping Deca is very generous in their free Christmas pack.


The maxing candies, also sometimes keys.


There most likely will be a good Fame Box coming up around the corner since it’s Christmas time. You don’t really need too much Fame, though – 500-1K is probably good enough.


The Thanksgiving one sucked


I recall getting my 2nd char slot in a motmg fame box and getting super hyped


i’ve gotten a legendary pet too once so it’s definitely worth it some times


I’m sorry, an egg??