HavinFun (EUE) is recruiting


Join our guild: HavinFun.
Our main server is EUE (Europe-East).

The main goal is to have an active guild where we have fun playing the game together (and can learn from eachother, or share items/keys if we can afford them)


  • No Base Fame requirements! Everyone is welcome to join.
  • Language? English only, unless you want to quickly explain something to another guildmember.
  • Skills: can run Tombs & Shatters, etc… not needed, but welcome so we can learn from you.
  • No cheaters; you’ll be reported to DECA and instantly banned from the guild!!
  • Time zone: European preferably, since we play on an European server. But if you can play on European hours, you’re welcome to join as well.
  • Fairly active players, but playing only once every 10 days is the absolute minimum.
  • The guild is EUE based! Trading, or doing certain dungeons on other servers is allowed, but if you play outside EU-servers too long, you’ll be removed.

How to apply:
Leave a message here (i check almost daily), send me a pm through my profile (Croidone), or try and contact Comthree or Croidone in game (leader and founder) and we’ll send you invites into the guild (or check our list of members and find an officer online).
Once you’ve accepted the invite in game, in our GuildHall you’ll find the link to our Discord (on the guild board).

And if you’ve got more questions: ask. But most of all: Have Fun! :wink:

Returning Player looking for active guild

What if I go on uswest2 for trading


I’m interested in joining. I play almost everyday, I can run/rush almost any dungeon and I have 2 8/8’s.


How active is the guild?


I would like to join. Very active almost everyday and have a ton of keys i’m trying to burn!


I would like to join, you can look at my realmeye profile and tell me if im good enough :wink:


Do this guild open alien keys?


I’d like to join, I can’t play for the next week or so but otherwise i’m active


Yep i am, accepted the friend request


i would like to join


Hi I am new-ish to rotmg, but I am having a lot of fun with the game. Do you still have space?


This sounds like fun. I’ve been getting back into the game and it’s been so long since I’ve had a guild. You can check my realmeye for my characters. I have a good amount of tomb experience, some shatts experience and lost halls experience but im a little rusty.


allright great! When are you ussually on?


Im interested in joining your guild



I’ve sent you a friend request in game, so we can meet for the actual invite


Hi, I’m interested in joining, I’m fairly active, almost everyday, I also have a few 6/8’s and 4/8’s.


I can’t edit the initial message anymore, but starting october 19th we’ll have a “once per 10 days activity” limitation (instead of once per 14 days); we’ve been full, and this way we hope to become a little bit more active without messing too much with everyone’s real lives (school, job, otherwise) :wink:


Hi, I’m interesting to join your guild, i love RotMG and i want play with someone !
Sorry for my bad english i’m French but i can understand ( if you speak slowly) !


Bonjour. Je parle un petit peut Français (if spoken slowly).

You’re more than welcome to join my guild and i’ll send you a friend request in game, so we can meet for the actual invite


Hello, i am a new player seeking party members to play with. Can i join?