HavinFun is recruiting (EUSW server)


I created a new guild: HavinFun

Yes, it’s a new guild, amongst many, but my main goal is to have a fairly active guild where we have fun playing the game together (and learning from eachother, and sharing items/keys if we can afford them)


  • No Base Fame requirements! Everyone is welcome to join.
  • Language? English only, unless you want to quickly explain something to another guildmember.
  • Skills: can run Tombs & Shatters, etc… not needed, but welcome so we can learn from you.
  • No cheaters!!
  • Time zone: European preferably, since we play on an European server: EUSW. But if you can play on European hours, you’re welcome to join as well.
  • Fairly active players, but only once a week minimal is okay enough.

How to apply:

I’ve got no discord myself (if you have one and want to open it for guildmembers: appreciated by me, and i’ll post the link on the guildboard for you and others).
So, how to apply? Leave me a message here (i check almost daily), send me a pm through my profile (Croidone), or contact me on the EUSW-server, in game.

And if you’ve got more questions: ask! :wink:


Bookmarked, looks like a fun guild :smile:


Thanks Redox :slight_smile: