Hello? why is nobody talking about this? [Realmeye updates]


Realmeye has been broken for over a month now. Nobody is talking about it, nobody is questioning anything, there are literally no updates on the forums or anywhere to be frank, DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING???


Recent changes to the game’s API mean that certain parts of Realmeye (among them, character stat values) are no longer functional. Similar issues are present on Muledump. They’re working on it.

Edit: Shatter’s answer is better


soon tm

realmeye yes, muledump no


There actually has been some muttering, but make sure that you’re talking to the right audience. Realmeye isn’t condoned by DECA; (Outdated) it was created early into the game’s lifespan by a couple of players who were fans of the game.

Technically, it’s maintained by them (and other kind contributors!) out of the kindness of their hearts, so it could rot away without anything but upset players. As Jimda alluded, they have mentioned that they have made some efforts to fix the bugs created from the Unity porting.


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Well, Book and I seem to have proven that there is no RotMG knowledge test required to become a leader lol.

Now, if you want to know what you can do to keep things up to date, you can help to update the wiki portion of Realmeye; there have been numerous updates recently, and it still needs work. Here’s a discord of players who work to keep the wiki up to date, if you are interested in joining.


Proceeds to remove Realmeye from existence


There’s so many more, and your post will just add to the pile. Realmeye has more, but I’m currently unable to search the forums for some reason.


This is just false lol, it’s directly linked on realmofthemadgod.com and the blog.


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I… have not foreseen the consequences of my actions.


Yes, I was updated already.


dw about it that was worth making the point because I’ve seen way too many threads on here about how realmeye is broken and the only response anyone can give is “it’ll be fixed eventually I hope”


thanks everyone for the updates :smiley:


Errr, I just checked muledump, and I see the character stats just fine, what is supposed to stop working in muledump?? Are you talking about the dungeon completion/tiles walked and the like (those indeed do not work anymore)


I am indeed referring to dungeon completions, tiles, active time, ability uses and a host of other character stat metrics which are now screwed up.

Sorry, I was using “stats” to refer to more than just the standard life, mana, def, atk, etc.