Helm, Tome, Heavy Armor, Shield (Feedback Wanted)


These items are about to go into my latest dungeon idea. But first – what do you guys think of them?

Helm of the Eastern Citadel

A magnificent war helm crafted with a light metal now unknown. Fabricated for the ancient Guardian Order of the Lost Citadel, it is the last known issue.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 105

  • Exposed to self (1 sec)
  • Berserk to self (5 sec)
  • Exposed to enemies (5 sec) within radius

Radius: 5 tiles

Stat Bonuses: +5 DEF, +5 SPD, +5 WIS

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 1,250

Spiritual Opus

A cursed tome filled with trapped spirits, it is said that users can meditate alongside it to let out the voices of the souls within. A powerful item, but requires one to close their eyes for concentration.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 130

  • Blind to self (3 sec)
  • Invulnerable to self (2 sec)
  • Damaging to self (3 sec)

Party Heal: 30 (+5 per WIS over 40)

Stat Bonuses: +4 ATT, +4 DEF

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 1,250

A Priest with maxed Wisdom (75 WIS) and no additional WIS stats can heal themselves and others 155 HP, while an un-maxed Level 20 Priest with the average of 40 WIS can only heal 30 HP.

This, like all WIS-mod abilities, encourages maxing WIS.

Cuirass of Fallen Valiance

The chest-plate of a fallen hero swayed through insanity and lost from the Realm. Its unified chinks of iron vengeance mark a balance of chaos and peace.

Tier: UT

Stat Bonuses: +17 DEF, +6 DEX, +40 MP

Fame Bonus: 5%

Feed Power: 750

A good choice for Knights that are willing to sacrifice some defense for greater DPS and Shield usage.

Ghost Sentinel’s Aegis

A mythical aegis crafted of durable mithril and solidified light. Legends of this shield tell of divine victories, though with great glory comes devastating losses.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 120

Shots: 5

  • Does not deal damage

Lifetime: 3 sec


  • Speedy to self (2 sec)

  • Shots reduce contacting projectile damage by 40%

Stat Bonuses: +4 DEF, +4 SPD

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 1,250

This support Shield takes a different approach. Other than dealing damage and stunning, it creates a temporary shield wall that reduces incoming projectile damage, as well as give Speedy to the user. This is solid ability to use when rushing through deadly shotguns, like the Shatters and Lost Halls.


You don’t understand how OP it would be. even with blind. Maybe nerf the damaging cool down to 3-4 seconds, and increase the blind to 3 secs.


Done. tyty


This looks like the ice cave portal, but the other sprites are good


no ice cave portal is unique no bully it


TBH it was actually based off the Jugg, as I was originally making a reskin for it.

I’m think of getting rid of some shades though, since it looks over-shaded…


the curiass looks like an insect head imo.


Not gonna lie, that tome is pretty fucking cool!


Ok bump, and also some of the sprites look wayyy too light (and same color), like the aegis especially, try adding some contrast. Even Puri has a little bit of yellow to make it not look like a square of cream cheese

Pretty epic overall ngl


The dungeon is supposed to be pale and ghost-themed because it takes place in an ancient fortress. But yeah, I get what you mean on the contrast.


I mean, I’m just looking at it alone. Maybe It’ll look sick with a set,idk


edit: yes it does look epic


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