[HELP] Eati's Realmeye Bug


Im not really sure how to help you (maybe Mr. Eyeball can contact you in a different way)

@moderators (sorry about the ping) I know you are mainly on the forums, but do you have any idea on how Eati can access his Realmeye account?


Just name your account


I think you may be out of luck. The only way for MrEyeball to verify your identity in-game is via a PM. Since you can’t PM you can’t make an account. Unless @MrEyeball has a way around this I don’t think there’s anything you can do while remaining unnamed. You can try to send a RealmEye message to MrEyeball, since if there is something they can do they certainly won’t do it in public on the forum.


I can’t send a realmeye message to Mreyeball without having access to the realmeye account itself :man_shrugging:


Well, you’re using TenMinEati. You can send him a PM that way, no different than posting for help on another account on the forum while using that name.


I’m pretty sure that unnamed accounts don’t have a realmeye page, because there are many accounts with that same name. (Correct me if I’m wrong)




Why don’t you just name yourself? You can’t even attempt to get any of the new UTs, so why continue playing while unnamed? It seems like a decision that just makes problems and doesn’t have any upsides.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but this guy is a multiboxer that crashes multiple dungeons with his other accounts NotEati and WhosEati.


You’re right, this has been brought up on the reddit post he made on the same topic too


Lots of people have made fame train characters with Boots on the Ground. It’s really not that hard.

If that’s true, that would be an even better explanation. Getting fame and loot isn’t exactly hard on a multibox.


I never said anything about not teleporting, that other guy did. All I was saying is that, based on my experiences, boots on the ground can be a bit annoying when there are event gods that are far away from you and about to get steamrolled, or someone calls a dungeon, etc etc. But, fame training is easier than ever now because of LH discords.


I’m a former Itani, so let me be blunt about this, Eati.
Just name yourself.
If you want, name yourself EatiEatu or something.
But you’re just gonna make it harder on yourself if you don’t change your name.


Both NotEati and WhosEati are banned now.




Name yourself Eat or something

Anyways 6k fame on a 3/8 paladin not max def…


Lmao I found Eati earlier crashing some Lost Halls from the pub server


cant get banned if you dont have a name


weird spotting you here


Nothing more we can do for OP here. Closing thread.