Help I was cheated by a player at the time of making an exchange


The player is called SwatsekUno and as the real eye asked for two mana portions for one life and when we change the potions I do not know how but I did not receive my potion and he no longer wanted to answer me or give me back what I can do or how to report it


You got ripped off. Everyone has at one point or another.

It’s very unlikely Deca will do anything for you, especially if you don’t have any evidence in the form of videos. Which I assume you don’t, but maybe you do?

Anyway, you can report the other player if you want over here. My advice is to cut your losses, learn from the experience to be more careful in the future, and move on.


Always let the other person accept first then accept and make sure the item is there. A few seconds can make a big difference.


hacked clients dont have to wait for accepting so they can put the items in and then out while you spam accept and then they accept without youseeing it


Alright so, what most likely happened was that you got deselect scammed.
As you may have noticed whenever you choose something to give, the accept meter fills up in a few seconds, same with the other person.
As you were selecting your mana potions he deselected his life potion, so the accept bar filled out normally and you clicked accept without noticing.

An easy way to not get scammed by this is reviewing a trade before clicking accept to make sure everything’s in order.


I can also vouch for you as this guy scammed me as well a while back. The only thing you can do after the fact is just report him as a scammer on Realmeye. Like the others said and this is what I’ve learned as well, it is better to seem a little skeptical and almost obnoxious by forcing the other person to accept first and then wait a bit, but it is worth it and should be done, especially when trading valuables. Another thing is that you will get a feel for what people are trading after a while. It is better paying the "normal/higher’ price. For example, currently 8 def will buy you a life almost guaranteed. How I was scammed and I’ve heard countless other complain as well, is that someone posts for 7:1. This may seem like a better deal, but unless you’ve traded w/ them before or trust them I would just recommend spending that extra def, just to be sure. It’s better to spend 8 def and receive a life than to loose 7 def with nothing in return. In your case it may of just been better to find a 3:1 rather than a 2:1. Just my 2 ¢


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