Help me identify this dye?


From this ancient video (all his characters have the same dyes):

The accessory looks to be pure black, but the main I’m not sure since there’s a lot of dark dyes and I’m wondering if anyone can distinguish it confidently. Thanks pals.


Honestly I’m not sure. I used this and the closest thing I can compare it to is the dim gray dye


That’s a really neat website, thanks for linking it. I knew Pfiffiel had one but I believe it was flash so I didn’t bother (I refuse to install that fossil). It’s definitely darker than dim gray. Looks to me like it’s chainmail cloth, you just can’t see the pattern due to the video quality it seems.

I found this image from TheIdrae’s signature on the old forums and zooming in seems to confirm chainmail!


Ohh nice gotcha. Yeah first thing that came to mind was chainmail but looking at it closer i figured it wasn’t but I was wrong