Help me improve my skins


I’ve started compiling my skins into a large spritesheet that can be used in pfiffls dye tool.

Because of this I’ve decided to overhaul some of them to make them better. So if you wouldn’t mind, download the sheets, stick them in the dye tool, then give me any and all criticisms on how to improve them. This is currently far from all of them, though I’m planning on doing this in batches of 10-15 skins each to make gathering criticisms and fixing them up a bit easier. I’m also not opposed to purging ones that are beyond help (i.e. mantis, it’s pure garbage).

Spritesheet - - - - Dyemask

- - - - - - - -



I can’t see any of the skins on my phone. They are so small


It’s clear all these skins are perfect. Are there any past skins you’ve liked in the past you think I should go out of my way to get into the sheet?


wtf do all those say so small


They’re spritesheets, you’re supposed to download them and stick them in the pfiffls dye tool. You can then test them out with the basic rotmg controls and in game dyes.