Helpless Souls not disappearing


Once the Forgotten King is defeated, Helpless Souls are supposed to disappear.
In this shatters run, we managed to kill the king at the right timing and the title happened.
Helpless Souls didn’t disappear either by them keep spawning or not taking damage at all (I couldn’t tell which one), suffering from endless eons of torment…


Likely because the King is directly tied to the spawn(er)s for the Helpless Souls.
I don’t have access to the XML, but you can interpret it as somefin like this:

<State id="EveryNonRageState">
<State id="RageState">
 <Transition hitPointsLessThan="(idk like 0.05)">DyingScream</Transition>
<State id="DyingScream">
  [Order all Souls to stop and decay]
  [Order all the Souls spawners to stop spawning things]
  [After some time, explode into bullets]

In essence, by killing the King too fast, you’ll effectively “skip” the state where it orders those spawners to stop spawning.
This would actually be very easy to avoid by making the spawners stop once the King is dead; though this would also mean that they’d only actually spawn once the King is even active, considering he doesn’t actually exist yet before the Crown has gone and done its little fiery animation.


Wow… I think what you posted may be true, since the king actually died a bit faster than normal. I guess we could say the decay of souls is placed at the very end of “Impossible… IMPOSSIBLE!!!”

Edit: souls already stopped in my screenshot, so only the decay of souls is placed at the end


shatters once again showing that it is doggy doodoo :sunglasses:

Im actually impressed though. Breaking behaviors isn’t a new thing but finding new ones is, atleast nowadays.


i’m surprised this is being discussed… this has been a thing since shatters was released

skip to 4:02 and 7:50
and, there are probably more in that video somewhere…
the vid is from 2014


Exp values and damage ranges aside, was the Shatters ever even updated after Kabam implemented it?
I’ve heard that the King got a change to make it harder, but idk how big of a change that was.


Hm… so if there’s any difference between your experience and mine, it’s just that the souls stopped moving and won’t die


I remember back then, none of the shots from the king were registered during the “YOU TEST THE PATIENCE OF A GOD” phase if you stayed far back. Now it’s a little bit harder so you need to dodge the shots except the fireball tentacles by staying at the edges of bottom left/right corner


In the Kabam era, the only change was shortly after release, which fixed a crash right as the Forgotten King died. Pfiffel actually should’ve had the first ever completed Shatters solo, but technically not thanks to this.

In the Deca era, there were some changes in I think 2017, mostly fixes to stacked shots like the infamous Stone Mage attack, and standardizing all the damage numbers. That was back when damage ranges on enemies were removed, since the Shatters used that liberally and meant a lot of death was at the hands of RNG. Ice Spheres in particular did 75 - 150 per shot which was a huge difference maker.


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