Henrckboy's UPE Thread


aight first one here we go


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Knight is a difficult class for upe. This is my current upe. Still living!


damn nice, if you farm forest mazes you can get a paralyzing quiv which is actually decent


Thank you <3 I would, but i dont want the range loss from the maze quiver. Id like the st one from ruins preferably


A class that is more difficult to do do a upe for may be more entertaining, though! Everybody loves doing classes like necro or archer for the easily obtained low-tier items.



i thought


why did i think that i could rush


That sword and armour are very tempting.




imo knight is the easiest. cutlass isnt too rare, and snake shield is super common. just those 2 items will make a 2/4 knight. armour is a bit harder, but you can farm for mercys during an event after you get cc


Order from easiest to hardest UPES imo


#15. Necromancer, the FORBIDDEN jungle is very common and if you’re lucky, it can drop all pieces of the set in 1 BAG. Enough said.

#14. Archer, 2 UTs drop from a super easy dungeon, the Forest Maze which drops very frequently so no problem there, you can get the leather armor from Snake Pit, and for every class the rings are generally free.

#13. Mystic, honey orb… that’s it

#12. Sorcerer, same easy Ttlatoani Robe, easy ring, Sprite Wands, honey scepter which actually isn’t that common but The Hive is easy, just not commonly run anyway so, but it’s still easy.

everything else after this became hard to decide

#11. Rogue, Poison Fang Dagger, Snake Pit Leather Armor, and a common ring seems good to start with, however now we have to acquire white bags, which the Planewalker is very common but still a step up from the previous two, actually by far.

#10. Bard, same archer stuff as usual, maybe a Ttlatoani robe, but you can get the Snake Charmer Pungi easily.

#9. Assassin, just a Murky, or the ST version from Sewers, maybe Plague Poison but that dungeon is more difficult, and the same set as Rogue.

#8. Trickster, I only put this a step up from Assassin because I never never got a Dancing Swords prism, but I guess the Davy one is common, maybe even more common than Murky, but this was hard to decide. Just that if you run sewers you can always get the other poison possibly, or maybe if you’re lucky… both in 1 bag.!

#7. Priest, some may disagree, but Necronomicon is arguably more rare than the previous 2 UTS I’ve mentioned. Same wand, same robe, blah blah blah don’t even need to discuss about the rings. There’s also tomes like Puri, Pain, Prot that can be obtainable from pretty commonly runned dungeons that don’t classify as Endgame.

#6. Ninja, this is where it gets really hard to decide, but I’ve put ninja because of the katanas

#5. Huntress, the traps are the hard part, but still easy, Coral Venom Trap, Cave Dweller, need I say any more common ones? ( common as in the most common of the ability/ring, etc )

#4. Wizard, now we’re talking hard, everything else but the spell is common, the most common could possibly be the Parasite Spell.

#3. Knight, swords are more rare than the other weapons, but there’s a lot and a lot of swords that are all basically the same rarity, but they’re all basically white bags. Also melees ( heavy armor ) for sure have the hardest armor type to acquire.

#2. Warrior and Paladin, heavy armors are hard as !@#$ to obtain like I said but it’s a step above the night because the most accessible seal and helmet are both from Ruins, Snakeskin Shield being a lot more common and easier to get.

#1. Samurai, all 3, weapons abilities and armors are all very rare, as well as every heavy and weapon being white or STs, the most common Wakizashi would probably be the one from The Cursed Library but even than that it’s rare, katanas are the rarest weapon type in my opinion, hardest to acquire, same with the heavy armors.


Are STs not allowed for UPEs?


They are, no tiered


I dont know, man. The heavy armor is a grind and the options are super limited. Some guildies and started exalted upes (ninja, archer, and knight) and my buddy on knight did about three due to some deaths and never got armor on any of them. He spent a couple hours in a cland at one point as well. Definitely was stoked when he got dblade tho. Fun af to watch when that’s the only sword they have haha