Henrckboy's UPE Thread


i pretty much agree with this list

my only point of contention is with the archer’s placement. As someone that has done many upe’s i would put all robe classes toward the bottom excluding wizard.

most people mention the bramble bow, but it is actually shit and not a viable bow. yes, its obviously better than t0, but it still sucks really bad.


It’s a UPE. What about it doesn’t suck by design? They aren’t playing for efficiency. -~-








I really don’t know what youre saying


What he is saying (I think, please correct me if wrong, book. don’t want to speak for you) is that the point of a upe is the challenge.


Forgive me, I didn’t highlight the part of your message that was intended for.

I was merely surprised that there would be people complaining about a low UT bow being bad on a UPE, where limiting yourself heavily is the point, and that resource may actually be a temporary blessing.


nah, i feel you there. I guess my point was that though the item might be a blessing early on, if you really do upes, the bow is terrible and has little to no viability early on. where say the crystal staff is actually a solid staff and has viability.