Her is recruiting!


“her” is recruiting!


We are a tight-knit guild looking for members to add to our friendly and inviting atmosphere.

There are no requirements other than to be active and not to be toxic. Please note that we put particular emphasis on the toxicity bit, as this is a place that is inviting to everyone regardless of skill level. We are also an anti-hack and anti-track guild, so please keep that in mind before joining.

Her is the perfect place to join if you’re new to the game, just coming back after an extended break, or just want to become part of a tight-knit community. Our existing members and staff are very welcoming and friendly. Expect key pops, competitions, vcs and more!

DM Yem#2249 or elisha#9457 on Discord to be invited to our guild discord or if you have any questions!




Bump, still recruiting. We’re a top 150 guild now!


Bump B)


Bump. We’re doing a PPE Competition with our associate guild The Last Oasis for Motmg! It allows both solo and duo ppe teams, and is balanced in a way so they can compete in the same bracket :smile:. The prize pool is 32 UBHPs, 16 Decas, 2 Skins, 2600 Realm Gold, and a Geb Set.

DM Yemmy#2249 or Elisha#9457 on Discord to be invited to our guild discord and to join!

(yes you have to be in the guild to participate)


how do you give realm gold


You submit a support ticket to DECA and buy it when they tell you to. Pretty neat.


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Bump! We have 6 slots open :D. Still no reqs, but be sure to be active in game! Still top 40 / 50 btw ;).




I’d like to join. I’m a returning player and would like to join a guild so I can do harder content. I played mostly solo and obviously there’s a limit to what I can do. I just want a guild where I can play with other people and learn how to do the dungeons I don’t know. Could I get an invite please?


DM me or my cofounder on disc Yem#2249 / Elisha#9457 and we will send you an invite to our server :slight_smile:


Hello Yem. I sent a friend request to you on discord. It won’t let me send a direct message as we aren’t a part of any groups together. That’s the message it gave me. I did try and find Elisha, but discord couldn’t find them. You can find me under mrsackmann#4448


still recruiting?


I sent a message to Yem on discord to see if you were still recruiting. Are you?
I’m Buddy#9496


Hello I was wondering if you were still recruiting. Just came back to the game, was looking for a chill guild to enjoy the game with. Discord is Yoro#4049


Where is “him” at? >:(


i would like to join


I’d like to join. I’ve been looking for an active non toxic guild. So I’d appreciate an invite.