Here comes another I'm bored of realm thread


What do…? Don’t say actually max my chars cause I haven’t seen the light of realm in eons. And theres no way in hell Im gonna run abbyses. They used to be fun back when vit was 8:1 and def was 8:1 but that was a while back.

I have like 50 ambrosia in my vault. Just waiting for some chars to die so I can finish my pet… Once my war dies I can fuse like 5 more divines to get harambe and solar owl.

Any ideas on what I can do to stay entertained with realm? It would prolly help if I had friends to talk to realistically… Id love to run abbyses with like 1-2 other people.


Solo end game dungeons
Do random stupid stuff with your guild, like void blade only shatters
Try rushing lh’s with trickster
Become a collector (get all rare items etc…)
Make a new account. Start fresh. (Ofc, just for like free time when you’re bored and you’re not grinding on main account)

Take a long break, doesn’t matter how long, just take a break. If you really do want to play rotmg, then you’ll just feel like coming back in a way. If you don’t come back ever, that’s when you know rotmg is no longer fun and you have no desire to play it.


ppe sounds good btw lel xd havent done one of those in a while.

Rushed plenty of lh on trix

Soloed my fair share of cults and shats.

I do love ruby gemstones…

Long breaks are pretty refreshing…


Then quit and take a break.


See the thing is… Whenever I quit the game… I always end up missing motmg… I’ve literally missed every motmg except for kabam’s first motmg. I’d actually like to participate in one for once, and currently that’s all I’m waiting for.


Kill all your characters and drop everything in your vault, then rebuild.


Just did that a month ago. I can’t even max all my chars to begin with…dex vit and wis too hard. :cactus:


Then quit and come back for MoTMG.


Play Trials Rising

50% Off if you get it from the Uplay client RN, Good deal, fun game.

Then you can go back to realm :slight_smile:


I try many things to keep myself from getting bored (though I understand that I’m nowhere near your point since I’m just a noob), and maybe you can try some of them:

  • Map the whole Realm

  • Hunt for Pirate Rum in Pirate Caves

  • Hunt for full UT sets (Purified Priest Set, Mad Lab Sorcerer Set, etc.)

  • Sit on one of the Tomb bosses before they are activated. Wait until they are activated and die in the most stupidest way.

  • Play RotMG while listening to:

  • Get a random character with no gear into a LH and say:
    “Stay back, mortals! I rush thee!”
    Then run through the dungeon to die.

  • Play a game so stupid and retarded for maybe a week or so, then come back to RotMG and appreciate it’s decency.

Hope these helped!

– Gamma


I’ve done the 5th one…or wait, I lied I did the 10k hour version… You’re nothing to me mere mortal.

6th one is the deveaux pub hall experience, I oughtta try it myself multiple times and see how much it takes to get demoted and suspended.

  1. I love killing 12 year olds in fortnite…Im so sweaty I can smell my crosshair… TTV BTW


So far I’ve narrowed it down to either ppe…finding friends to play with…another game… or break.


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also practice pressing the r key


nononono, take a break and play a different game





This and friends to play it with

some people really overdose on realm and it makes them dislike it


Take a long break from the game then come back in the future like some time traveling badess


fuck you got me


Im always available for running some stuff and chatting, if you want add me:RayzerBlazer