Herwin dies alot thread (ppe)


i thought i would start one of these - starting a ppe sorc becuase i keep dcing from voids


my last decent ppe that died
What you can excpect from this thread:
https://www.realmeye.com/graveyard-of-player/Herwin if you want to laugh


nevermind the game isnt opening even if use the actual launcher or my normal headless one


opening my npe acount back up WAH

https://www.realmeye.com/player/Takodachii the account
why i stopped playing on the account


ready to go



i forgot to mention the rules of this, the whole account is a npe so forging is allowed, and once i max a back up priest will be maxxed for shats


someone else got tome :frowning:


forgot to post roll, wis :frowning:




s grade pcave pays out $)


I had the same problem twice in a row an hour or 2 ago too!
Excited to see where this ppe goes (besides the graveyard eventually)


rushed the first half but paralyse is just to strong


now you understand why i die so much


i will go farm voids or cults now, expect a main account ppe when i die on my last arcana tonight


Rest in peace my fellow takodachi


WAH :octopus:


starting up again
cute penguin



i will only post like 1 or 2 of each tiered item so i dont clutter