Hey guys, chill!


I can understand people being angry about some things.
A death, or perhaps lag, or perhaps a troll.

But you know what you shouldn’t get angry about? Not getting a white bag.
Just chill, trust me, luck can really be painful sometimes. (Went absolutely 0 from this Shatters event and I’ve never gotten anything but gems from Shtrs events)

See deaths and stuff I can understand because often those things might be out of your control, and thus you won’t like the circumstances of fate.

Random meme I made of a friend for the laughs:

But loot… loot is all up to RNG! And one more thing: just because you’ve done 500 dungeons so far doesn’t mean you have a higher chance to get a white bag in the next run; though doing more dungeons gives you better chances at loot, by no means does this mean that you will have a higher chance in the next run. (this is called the gambler’s fallacy, I included it because I heard some people ranting to me about how they were more likely to get a white)

I know many people don’t get triggered by not getting a white bag. But for those of you who got frustrated/are getting frustrated… well, I can’t make you un-frustrated. Only you can do that.

Just posting this out there so I can hopefully calm some people down, even if it’s just a single person.


This is what frustrates people the most.

When you die/die due to lag, the end result is always preventable. You could’ve run the killrealm.bat/nexused/closed flash player. But when something is purely RNG, and it takes years and years to attain one item that can be lost in seconds due to a second or two of mistakes- that’s what frustrates people the most imo.

Also, humans are jealous fuckwits. People will be salty if they’ve been attempting to obtain an item for years and some noob just picks it up because of his luck. No skill, no preparation, no facet of reality of the plane in which you stand on that can be manipulated- just dice, except that the outcome of that dice either offers immense disappointment or immense satisfaction.


If dying only takes seconds, you’re only counting the instant that you die. Which means it only takes seconds to get a white bag.


Lol @RichGold
Offtopic: I was in a shatters chain with you. I was the one afking in the corner of first boss going on my phone.

Yes I agree. People need to relax.


there literally was an arl for shats that complained how he has done like 400 shats and how no one understands his pain (despite many people understand, including me and even worse).

He literally complained about it for several runs in a row that i got so annoyed that i muted him.

Oh also he didn’t lead, i dont get how they make these people rls, arent they called arl or trl so they trial them and dont promote them if they suck.


You’ve probably also been that guy before, as well. Or at least I have, but… as time played approaches infinity, you’ll encounter all the scenarios. It merely takes time.


All these kids are raging after dying, and I’m just like:

Gotta give the boss a name ya know?


I haven’t gotten a single event white in like a week, wtf game. Why stop at 11? What if I want 30? I’m going to send in a support ticket!!

so peeved wtf




Which one


It’s been 250 UDLs since my last dbow… I’ve done 85% of them WITH LOOT BOOSTER POTIONS and around 40% of them WITH AN EVENT CHEST UNDERWAY.

I’m definitely not chill about it, and it just makes me saltier when people say they have chests full of dbows just gathering dust. Dbow is my favorite white bag but for some reason I can never get it.


honestly, i cant remember anymore.

although he voice sounds like a person i know irl.



I don’t play bow classes



Just don’t play it…
( This is satire ok)
But actually… don’t let it get into you…


you have 100 less UDLs done than me…

mega salt


I like realm. I hate lag. Please DECA. You’re going to lose hella people because of lag. I was that person that was like “just get better”. But now it’s just starting to hurt. Already lost 3 characters ugh


I was the one afking next to you and pretending to help RL


Fam there are many things I don’t like about the discord.

ARLs can’t unmute if something goes awry… can’t tell you how many times I’ve failed a run b/c of that


Theory of desire:

The rarity of a white bag for you to get rises proportionally to how much you want it.


Alternative theory of desire: the more you want it, the more you notice when you don’t have it, leading you to a false assumption that the rarity of a white bag for you to get rises proportionally to how much you want it.