HeyItsWii [Kalitaio] turns eight years old!


As 2020 approaches, so does the realization that I’ve been playing this game for a decade. That I started playing Wild Shadow’s little flash game while going through middle school. That the last three years of running my guild, Mitochondria, through seven iterations and counting, have been some of the best memories made. I’m sure I’ve spent more money than I should have these past years, died more times than normal, and certain drops may haunt me yet, cough Bulwark cough, the experience and community that this game has offered me was and is incredible. It’s actually even a miracle that I’m still around celebrating this account’s birthday, considering my track record. My first account had the password strength of a toddler, since I was a kid and all, I think my first account password was pasword or sciencerocks etc. After I lost it, I quit the game for a few months, if not a year, and almost let it go completely. I wasn’t any good for a long time, but this gem of a video brought me back to create my second, and current account. Other notable creators are Kalle and bickuribox12.

Rest in peace, TotalBiscuit.

After getting into the game, proper, I had fun, and died a lot. Many times to Medusas, Lava, Ghost Gods, or simply Midland Enemies. The era of Wild Shadow, I’ll always warmly cherish. Back in the days of amulets of resurrection, and purely cosmetic pets. When players typed hp in chat to get healed, and it took teamwork and coordination to take down realm events. UTs were tradable, and the market was stable, before the duping. But, the rest is history, the advent of Kabam. Pets, misery boxes, selling items in nexus, and deals like the golden archer set. It was around this time that I quit, for my longest hiatus. I’ve been in a quite a few guilds in my realm history, but it was about this time where I really made memories and friendships with my guild mates. It started with Regen, back when Radio was known as Radioact. I joined different guilds after Regen, some in the top 100, 50 or 10, and others so obscure, but I always ended up coming back to Regen, one way or another. Other guilds like TuneSquad, MorePewPewLessQQ, and Village come to mind, but I’m sure there were more.

The following is taken directly from my guild board:

The guild was originally created June 23rd 2016. The original few met back in Village, then split off into Kaboom, which became the Vanguards. After Kraiten quit the game, HeyItsWii founded Mitochondria.

V1 - June 23rd 2016 to August 20th 2016
V2 - March 26th 2017 to July 31st 2017
V3 - August 1st 2017 to March 3rd 2018
V4 - April 20th 2018 to August 24th 2018
V5 - November 20th 2018 to February 17th 2019
V6 - April 27th 2019 to August 25th 2019
V7 - November 22nd 2019 to Current

Running Mitochondria, has been a far more rewarding experience than any innumerable amount of white bags in the game. We were created around the dawn of DECA’s ownership, and have enjoyed the direction our new developers have taken us. I’m sure that I’ll continue to make lifelong friends and memories through the guild! ppst! We’re recruiting!

I’ve certainly taken many breaks from the game, I just recently got back into realm, despite how busy my life has truly gotten. I’m focusing hard on my college curriculum, and getting my programming career off the ground. While I might not have the literal days I used to burn away playing my heart out on videogames, as I once did as a child, I still hold precious the ten or fifteen hours I can dedicate to playing this game. I’m still waiting patiently for the Unity Port, having a computer that I built through the blood, sweat, and many, many tears from working in retail hell, and looking forward to the day I can play realm in the triple digits of frames per second. In fact, I know a lot of my friends are in the same boat, waiting for the new client. Though, many have quit outright, and that’s okay! Some of us hangout yet, and probably will for many years to come. And even the friendships that pass, you can still cherish the fact that they happened, however brief.

Here are some old cringy videos I made from 2011, 2012, 2013, and then 2018. Enjoy! (It’s a playlist)

Here’s to the past, and what the future may hold! Cheers!

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Why you gotta link that video man :frowning: I was just watching a emotional how I met your mother episode so I was already vulnerable to cry.

Its weird to think how much a game you’ve played for 8 years has actually affected your life. IE friends/life lessons/wallet.

Here’s to another 8 :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s see how the Unity Update goes first, potatoes may last forever but server potatoes grow bad sprouts.

100 days away from my 8 year aswell, its been one helluva ride so far. Catching the tail end of Wildshadow, into the overcasted days of Kabam, and hopefully into a reinssance of DECA. No need to be sappy when the future is bright ahead!.. Oh alright, you can cry once, but don’t let anyone see ya.

"Sure, some may have been doing it longer. But you’ve proven few can do it better."


This was a really nice post man. I remember back when I started, around 7 years ago, some random dude at a summer camp introduced me to the game. I’ve been playing it ever since and boy has it been a ride. It’s nice to see mentions of Regen and Radio after all this time. Congrats on your computer my dude, you seem like a really, genuinely good person. Thanks for hitting me in the feels.


bump, we can’t let these good vibes leave us


Bump this makes me feel nice


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