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I have noticed that oyrx the mad god has christ-like themes that may be a satanic plot to portray Jesus Christ as evil and satan as good. Example: oryx allows his minions to live forever while the players end up dying, he uses a shield with the christian cross, when he dies he is resurrected; all themes of the life of Jesus. The cultists from the lost halls conversely are depicted as the good guys attempting to contain and ward off evil yet they are shown to worship satan, molock the god of child sacrifice and others. The player’s characters are said in the lore to be innocent and righteous killing the supposed Christ-like figure with weapons and gear described as coming from dark and evil sources, summoning, incantations, and other satanic practices. I am saying this as a person that has played for a decade. What do you think?


I am going to be honest and say that this is a stupid theory. Oryx’s Escutcheon is indeed described to have “an infamous symbol of oppression,” with the crest itself being the shape of a cross. However, this simple cross has been on Oryx’s shield’s sprite since the very beginning, with this description coming years later. Also, you clearly have not read in between the lines.

This is not in reference to the resurrection of Jesus or any biblical portrayals, but it’s literally the mechanics of the game. It’s to explain how players are the ones who die permanently since this is a permadeath game, while the monsters, including Oryx, respawn indefinitely due to a curse that Oryx himself created.

This is not the full story. The Cultists, according to the lore, were indeed worshipping a presumably evil entity by the name of “Azamoth,” who shares a name with the hardmode version of The Forgotten King. And yes, they do ward off evil, but that’s because they let that evil fester in the first place. The Void Entity, the evil that they are supposedly containing, is the same one that they accidentally released and allowed to possess the Marble Colossus, the Vial of Pure Darkness being the only thing keeping it at bay. Also, the Cultists are not portrayed as entirely good, since they literally released an ancient evil. The leader himself even acknowledges their folly in his own logs.

Allow me to elborate on the supposed holy imagery that Oryx bears. That imagery of light and heavens is a sign of Oryx’s powers of exaltation. However, the exaltation in-lore is meant to be used only by heroes, but due to Oryx’s magic, he has corrupted that power for himself. I repeat, Oryx is not wielding that holy power because he himself is some kind of portrayal of Jesus Christ. He is a villain that is using the heroes’ supposed powers against them.

You are somewhat on something about the player characters, but not quite. See, our goal is to defeat Oryx the Mad God, a tyrant who’s captured all instances of the Realm. However, we, the players and heroes, have choices to also fight people not aligned with Oryx. Some are even noble figures, like The Bridge Sentinel, who are trying to protect the realm for our own sake. The reason for our gear sometimes being made from demons or black magic is not because we are evil ourselves, but we are trying to use whatever items we can to our advantage, regardless of its type of power. I’d classify all player characters as people who are in a sort of gray area. They have a noble cause of freeing the Realm, but they’ll go to any lengths to do this, whether it be slaying a forgotten monarch possessed by an evil entity (The Forgotten King) or even fighting another group who are trying to achieve the same goal as them (The Syndicate).

Well, I am saying this as a Christian Catholic myself. Your post is indicative of a very, very surface level reading of the themes and stories of the game. It’s like if you saw the Ender Dragon in Minecraft and default deemed the game as “satanic.” This is almost as bad as that one Reddit post where some guy called DECA anti-semetic for using the word “cabal” in an item description despite the context being that the “cabal” was just a shady group of vigilantes, not a Jewish hate group. I don’t intend to be too harsh, but as a Christian myself, this post reeks of a surface-level reading that thinks that it’s looking past the surface, when in reality it is wildly misinterpreting the world and lore of a game.

With all due respect, I do not have any hate towards you, but I have spent so much time reading and rereading this game’s lore that seeing someone miss the mark by a mile and go so far as to call attribute it to satanism just angers me so much.


Oh god man I didn’t mean to force you to read the entire lore, I would be angry and annoyed myself if I had to read that. I’m talking about the surface level. Sorry for putting you through that my friend.


I think RotMG just borrows heavily from other fantasy and fantasy-near genres. The core game e.g. is basically a riff on Dungeon and Dragons, with similar classes differentiated in similar ways, a similar set of 6 stats, 20 levels, and many monsters borrowed from DnD. Which itself was largely a rip-off of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

You find many Christian references in such genres. Not so much Tolkien but certainly DnD. Holy symbols, holy water, are from Christianity – a cross to ward off a vampire e.g. Vampires rise from graves, sleep in coffins, which is often indicated by a cross design. Classes like Paladin, Cleric which draw their power from religion. Even if it’s not explicitly Christian it’s easy to connect it as religion/church normally means Christianity in countries where the game is played.

But it’s only a small part of the game. Other parts of the game include pirates, traditional bad guys. Or corrupted monsters straight out of horror movies in Parasite Chambers. A cursed forest in Wetlands. Ghosts in Cursed Lib and UDL. Or monstrous animals in the Hive + Nest. And now mecha/steampunk in Steamworks.

I.e. there’s no coherent design, just lots of different designs done at different times by different people. It’s always had that aspect to it, but it’s expanded greatly as different people and companies have worked on it. The Christian elements are a small part of that design, that’s all.


This game definitely has no coherent design but I was wondering if there were some purposeful satanic elements inserted into it. With all of the open satanism in today’s world it wouldn’t be surprising or too out there.


Open Satanism? I doubt there’s much of it. There are Satanist groups in the US but they’re sort of a parody religion. They exist not as members worship Satan but to show up bad religious laws in the US.

A (usually local) government might e.g. allow religions to display message on government property. Because of the constitution – the 1st amendment in particular – they have to let all religions do so. And Satanists use this to display their message, if allowed. They’re not interested in recruiting followers of Satan, but in showing up the problems with such laws, and with the US approach to religion more generally.

Apart from that I can’t think of any Satanists. Partly as people doing evil in the world don’t think of themselves as evil – many think or at least claim they are doing good work, God’s work even. Or they hide themselves by pretending to be good, to follow God. Think of how many priests have been responsible for child sex abuse, so much so it might bankrupt churches in the US.


That’s correct in some churches they will do satanic rituals and the catholic church has been taken over in my opinion at the higher level but you got to be blind if you don’t see it in areas of public life - transgenderism, the satan after care program for children story, open satanic worship on major television programming, music/music videos, abortion on demand ritualistic killing of babies(yeah they do it for that). The reason I wrote this post is because I am aware of the use of overt hidden messages they use to make fun of and mock God in things like movies, music, television, etc.


You’ve been reading too many conspiracy theory blogs I think. | challenge you to come up with one example of “open satanic worship” on TV, or anywhere. And trying to associate it with gender dysphoria, or with pro-choice policies, is just warped.

You do certainly see more elements from horror on TV and movies, including things like demons, devils etc. Some of it’s just the stories people want to tell – Stranger Things e.g. – and what people want to watch. But there are a couple of meta reasons for it too.

Many of the traditional baddies are no longer used. You don’t see “Cowboys and Indians” shows and films as that sort of racism is no longer acceptable. Making other ethnic groups the bad guys is also going out of fashion. Enemies from fantasy are much less likely to cause offence.

And technology makes it much easier to create plausible monsters with fantastic powers. Whether it’s horror, fantasy like Game of Thrones, or science fiction, there are few limits now on what you can put on screen.

There’s certainly lots of horror, fantasy + just generally weird stuff on TV. It’s all just storytelling though. I challenge you to point to one example of genuine Satanism – if it’s as you write in the open it should be easy to identify.


don’t worry, almost no one reads the lore walls of text this game has, because everyone knows it’s just ‘made to work’, trying to mend new content that did not exist before, to old content


Sorry I have to put you through this but you asked for an example. All you need to do is look at the thumbnail. I did not mean to make this thread an argument with some of these political things but it is what I know to be true.


Yeah, sort of a non-serious post but the subject in and of itself is very real.


I think it’s pretty tame satanism-wise in this game, I recommend you boot the binding of isaac rebirth you will probably be a lot more entertained by all the satanic references. Also I find it pretty cool

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Wtf Realmeye forums sodomic reference??

edit: Btw how is that Sam Smith show open satanic worshipping?
Is it just because the outfits are red? Seriously lol what weird content have you been watching?

edit 2: I read now that you said transgenderism is satanism, you have mental issues and need to abstain from all society participation until you go to therapy, no one likes you.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


Hard to make out the lyrics on a listen, but “doing something unholy” isn’t Satanism but euphemism. I mean “something unholy” is clearly sex, and not the boring kind but the fun kind. But you can’t construct a song around descriptions of fun sex, not if you want to perform it on primetime TV. So you use a euphemism, or euphemisms. The costumes, lightting and effects just lean into that, though the sex is there too if you’re paying attention – a little mild grinding e.g.

Why is horror symbolism fine but sex isn’t? You might recall Nipplegate, the massive uproar over Janet Jackson briefly flashing a covered nipple due to a “wardrobe malfunction”. In many countries such would go unremarked. America is especially prudish in such matters, leading artists to carefully avoid even mentions of sex.



Memes aside, I am beginning to form a clearer image of your viewpoint. Not that this is necessarily what you think, just my guess, but you seem to hold a very conservative viewpoint. You’re very insistent on “exposing” satanic aspects or themes even when they are used purely for entertainment and fictional themes, and you even believe that transgenderism is a sin, despite many Catholics saying otherwise. I mentioned it before, but even I, a Catcholic, raised by a Catcholic father, knows to respect transgender people at a younger age.

I thought you were just a somewhat paranoid person who was afraid that something they played was promoting an evil belief, but it’s worse as I feared. I don’t wish to sound “holier than thou” or that I think I’m better than you, but please, take some time to reassess what you’ve just posted. I don’t expect you to change your beliefs, but please, learn that not everything that has even a slight mention of an evil spirit or demon is somehow satanic.


You’re blind then. It is surprising to me that anyone would look at that and think that is not satanic. Unreal to me, I could show you a video of child sacrifice to molok and you would say, that’ not satanic, it’s symbolic! Dude.


Okay dude. It’s a culture shock on the rotmg forums. lmao. And those search results from ‘churches’ sound like they are from the churches of satan. The first and most basic thing in the bible as you know is God created man and from man he created woman. No mention of accepting transgenderism or other things like it.


I’m fucking done trying. You’re clearly very strict on deeming even slightly demonic imagery “satanic” and probably think that anyone who believes otherwise is somehow a satanist. I’m gonna leave you to go argue about how the Necromancer is secretly persuading innocent players into becoming satanists because the class both heals and damages.


Just out of curiosity, if I were to change my profile to a cartoon picture of the devil, would that make me satanist too?


Sorry dude, I didn’t mean for it to devolve into an argument about this. Guess I should have better thought out my post originally. Ironically before I posted I watched a video from someone who worked in hollywood documenting the very subtle messaging in movies so I just was curious to what other people thought on the things I described in the post. You seem like a nice guy, sorry if I upset you.


Again it’s just symbolism, based on the song’s title and words. Such symbolism is very common in music, often to imply something sexy without going into detail. Here e.g. is devout Christian Cliff Richard singing about a Devil Woman:

Or even Marty Robbins with a song of the same name: