Historic now Recruting [USEast]


Below this line is a suggested template for a good recruitment thread. Feel free to use it, or not! DELETE THE PARTS YOU DON’T NEED


Put a bit of information about your guild here. INCLUDE YOUR MAIN SERVER, if you have one.
Main Server is US East


  • Here are some sample requirements
  • Language? English only, Spanish only, etc.
  • Base fame, x/8 stats, # of maxed chars
  • Skills: can run Tombs & Shatters, etc.
  • No cheaters
  • Time zone
  • Contributions necessary, ie X hours per day/week, opening dungeons, etc.
    -active player
    -orange star or above
    -tomb and shatts exp

How to apply:

Got a website? Sign-up form? Or just message Leader/Founder in-game or via RealmEye messages?
Pm founder or leader to join guild. or send me a msg on realmeye and i will try to get back to you.


you might want to delete these parts


There already is a template that is auto generated for guild recruitment…


That is the auto generated template

They put nothing about the guild


Oh, I thought that they just were using this post to show others the template. My mistake.


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