History of server popularity?


Does anyone know of any way to see the rotmg server’s popularity over time data?

I feel like as the years have gone on different servers randomly will become the most popular or used. I’m curious to see where the trading server has been throughout the years, but also which of the other servers have been more popular in the past.


Who else remembers USW2 for trading and EUNorth for XP


During Kabam is was mainly USW4, before that it between USMW and USW2. I remember for a short period after Kabam (downfall transfer period) it was EUW or EUE. Seems like USE has been trading server since Deca kinda took over. Though finding specific time/date related data… I don’t think realmeye offers that insight.


when usw2 was trade server, that was when this game was at its peak for me personally