Holding interact key on Wine Cellar puts you inside realm


Holding Interact key on Wine Cellar and entering, then being put inside realm

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If this is while no one has used an inc on it then that is normal.


The same goes for an unopened Cult portal; if you don’t kill the Agonized Titan first, you get booted.


Dont tell me this is a bug! I love this “loophole”. Allowing characters to go unseen from realmeye for hours when you’ve really done like three realms.





But that’s no fun :frowning:


When someone’s waiting a while to pop an inc I’ll say to press 0 in chat, and usually 3-5 sometimes more or less will get booted which means more loot for me. Sometimes I feel bad but the people must learn to not trust me.


If you’re not soloing there’s basically no point in doing so, as soulbound damage is insanely low.


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