(Honey) Scepter Rooms


I’ve only just noticed after a while, but there are rooms with scepter shapes in them. I’ve only seen the secret honey scepter in the library documented, but I’ve seen a floor design of the item in a sprite world and recently, what made me post this, a silhouette of one in a woodland. Is there documentation of these? Just how many are there?


(Directly to the point, there might be, but there other hidden secrets the same guy left all over)

It’s Toastrz’s signature mark! He left that in several dungeons that he worked on, as you’ve mentioned some already. I haven’t pushed to see if there’s other hidden Honey Scepters floating around, but I know for a fact that there’s a number of other secrets and Easter Eggs about, even meshed within the coding itself in some cases.

Apparently, Toast is still hiding some other secrets the common players have yet to discover about the Cursed Library, and no, not like the occasional “Tertiary!” cry from the mobs.


I can confirm there is also one in Magic Woods!


One day, a honey scepter secret in a room will have to drop an actual honey scepter.