Horse White Bag


I think it’d be coll if they added the horse that drops the Cem to also drop a white bag. Probably around the same rarity as a QoT. Just a thought


Why? They’re already spawned into the realm.


Its a godlands god, this wouldn’t make any sense if it was implemented into the game



Well it count as a “uncommon” god
So it don’t deserve a white bag drop


This is one of those things that you should think a bit more about before making a thread.


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There’s nothing inherently wrong with that idea. Ghost Kings drop arguably one of the best Skulls in the game and they’re way less likely to kill a maxed character than the Headless Horsemen.


I don’t see anything wrong with this as it is an uncommon encounter. It would get something that is ok midgame competing with say astral/cosmic in different ways like tge mwood staff nothing great in any sort of term. Just an interesting drop that’s somewhat/fairly uncommon for an enemy in a realm. I don’t disapprove as long as it is just somewhat of an interesting item, and not an actual “upgrade”.


Maybe not a white bag, but a cool lesser-UT drop. Something on manor UT level (excluding puri)


How about it drops headless horseman skin?


I’m not sure about that, but it should drop pots like the red demon does. (At a rare rate)


I agree with something like this. The headless horseman skin or a pet stone. Not an actual white though, I think that would be silly.
Also, agree with @PLEBJESUS that the horseman should drop pots (rarely).


How about a vanity?


best idea i seen. 1 like if deca implements that ingame


I don’t really think a lot of people would be farming headless horsemen in glands. They have invulnerability phases, and they aren’t that common. I would like the white bag to be useful, but not too OP and rare, so that there actually is a point of chasing one.


Horseman’s Head

A rotted pumpkin, filled with the spirit of the Headless Horseman.


  • Tier: UT
  • MP Cost: 90
  • Impact Damage: 100
  • Damage: 400
  • Duration: 5 secs
  • Effects: Weak on Enemy
  • Throw Time: 0.8 sec (same as tiered)
  • Radius: 4 tiles
  • Stat Bonuses: +3 def +2 vit
  • Feed Power: 450
  • Fame Bonus: 4%

Drops From:

  • Headless Horseman

BOOM. UT made. You’re welcome. lmao
Feedback Appreciated
@JohnMH you’re the item god… what do you think?


Ummm- what does weak on enemies do? The one on players makes ATK go to 0, which doesnt really apply to enemies. But interesting concept overall.


Having 0 atk causes half damage.


To be more precise, Weak sets your attack to 0, making the damage formula DmgMult = 0.5 + 0 / 50 = 0.5; therefore, you deal half of your weapon’s damage, excluding defense being taken into account. Because of the classes’ different attack caps, it doesn’t necessarily halven your damage.

I agree on the pot-dropping part, but not ‘rarely’. Preferably more commonly than gods since the damn thing is way less common than them.
Actually, why not add item drops to it in the first place? It doesn’t have any afaik.