Hotfix - Realm of the Mad God Exalt



Am I confused or did they just say that you might be able to play on flash again?


we are either both confused or it did say that.


It did, and now I’m both very confused and curious about motives. Are they hoping to attract their lost players back, or something? Or possibly to have at online presence again for the ease of random people seeing it and hopping on without downloading.

There were many players who worked better on Flash, it seemed. We’ll see how this plays out.


To what I can tell, its running the Exalt engine through a flash file, rather than through unity. Im not exactly sure how its gonna help though.


This gonna be some kinda April Fool joke that Deca is pulling up RN.


The way this is worded, that would be a cruel joke, methinks, and not even executed to the right audience.


It’s an incredibly obvious joke.

  • We’re still playing on the launcher
  • The launcher would install the next update
  • You cannot download the actual .swf referenced

In fact, the post contradicts itself by saying that it’d use a Flash version for features that were limited…by Flash?


It said that they had worked around the limitations of flash.




I have no idea if they’re reopening something else. Who says it was going to be on the launcher? (I don’t care if a Flash system was revived; I’ll be sticking with the launcher regardless.)

If you guys know it’s a joke already, then so be it.


this mostly doesn’t make sense as an april fools joke because why would they also mention the bit about being able to drink pots from vault, and bot squashing fixes???


Well I think the flash part of the patch is the only part that’s a joke. The rest of it actually has to do with the patch.


I’m enjoying this new flash file, it’s working very well with my hacked client, thank you :smile:


Love the new update. I was worried my gamer client would be out of date