Hotkey Character Animations / Dances


Thought it would be adorable to see our little 8-bit character do a little jig if we hit a certain key, could either be in nexus or anywhere, and each dance would be specific to each character, i.e. Knights raise their shields or ninjas poof away for a second. This could imply “dance parties” or just doin’ a jig 'cause you got good loot after a boss!

Don’t have any sprites right now but would love to see everyone’s ideas!


giggles on a god


Cute concept, but good luck convincing someone to add a unique animation for the 1000+ skins deca has added to the game


Cute but would probably piss people off because it’ll seem like a waste. Would probably take some time and there are a bunch of legitamite issues that still need work along with Unity. Just doesn’t feel like ti would be enough.